territoryThe Roero

The Roero, with its richly varied landscape of steep-sided hills and deep valleys, is one of the loveliest and most fascinating areas of North-West Italy. Here, the vineyards are cultivated on the tops of the hills – known in local dialect as “Bric”. This guarantees a high quality production notwithstanding the difficulty of cultivating vines over such steep hillsides.

The soil is sandy, friable and ochre in colour – and well suited to the cultivation of vines. As the seasons alternate, the vineyards constantly change colour, surrounding the Roero’s ancient castles and towers with a myriad hues. These medieval buildings, so frequent in the region, testify to the war-like dynastic families who populated the hills during the Middle Ages.

Wines cultivated here include Barbera Doc, Nebbiolo Doc, Roero Docg and Roero Arneis Docg, which, together with a few others are traditional to this fascinating area.